Vection Technologies was appointed to identify innovative and engaging training methodologies for pediatricians to identify signals and symptoms related to childhood neurodevelopment pathologies. As part of this exciting project, Vection Technologies worked with PTC Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company engaged in the treatment of rare childhood diseases, with particular attention to neuromotor development, and The Italian Union of Family Pediatricians (SiMPeF). The Italian Union of Family Pediatricians actively participated in the activities of the working group on Neurodevelopmental Disorders together with the main scientific societies and professional associations in the world of pediatrics, childhood and adolescent neuropsychiatry and neonatology. The group, created by the "Istituto Superiore di Sanità" (ISS) on a mandate from the Ministry of Health in Italy, has prepared the evaluation and promotion forms for neurodevelopment which report the main behaviors to be assessed in the context of the health reports of the child's first 3 years of life.  



The evaluation of the 3 neuro-functional areas (motor, psycho-relational and regulation), at established stages in the child's growth path, is a fundamental tool in the hands of the family pediatrician for the early recognition of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (DNS). In particular, neuromuscular diseases represent a field of great interest for general pediatrics: suspicion and timely diagnosis can significantly affect the quality of life of children and family members, when starting a therapeutic and rehabilitative path early. Vection Technologies developed the “La Casa dei Bilanci di Salute” for this purpose. In “La Casa dei Bilanci di Salute”, pediatricians can experience immersive 3D virtual environments in virtual reality (VR) or through desktop PCs. In each room of this virtual "house", they can learn and understand childrens' behavior by interacting with immersive content, on a structured path, with each room representing a step of the children' pediatric visits. In this 3D/VR experiential path, users can view and interact with immersive content, including:  

  • Infographics
  • Specific items
  • Customized illustrations
  • Advice for parents
  • Videos
  • 360° content  

The path of the Health Report follows a precise dynamic narrative and can be enjoyed in 3D from the web, or in VR, within an evocative setting that represents a familiar context for pediatricians. This path follows the 8 steps of neurodevelopment evaluation in order to create greater awareness and better understanding which points of attention must be taken into consideration at any step of the child's growth from the 1st to the 36th month. Through captivating music and narrations, this immersive solution represents a critical application of 3D and virtual reality technologies for pediatricians and parents alike.  

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With the project “La Casa dei Bilanci di Salute” it has been possible to create an innovative, unique, and memorable 3D and virtual reality project to convey critical information to medical professionals in a new and engaging manner. Vection Technologies, through its Vection Health vertical, supported the commitment of PTC Therapeutics and the objectives of SiMPeF in the goal of promoting the knowledge and early recognition of neurodevelopmental disorders to reduce the age of first diagnosis, by promoting active development surveillance in the context of family pediatricians. It is also useful for parents who are now able to directly assess the presence of any alarm signals in their child's neuromotor development, giving them the tools to discuss this with the family pediatrician.

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