We help your business bridge the physical and digital worlds.

Vection Technologies is a growing enterprise-focused company. We help you leverage your 3D data via powerful extended reality interfaces that foster collaboration and learning, grow sales and more.


Manage enterprise complexity with revolutionary XR technologies.

We help you solve your core challenges, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Robust XR Solutions That Solve Your Challenges.

From design review and real-time rendering; augmented reality -powered visual assistance; immersive product presentations and product configuration; to revolutionary omnichannel marketing, Vection Technologies supports your digital transformation with robust solutions.



VR design review and real-time rendering in the Unreal Engine.



Enhanced work with augmented reality -powered visual assistance.



No-code enterprise metaverse app for immersive product presentations.



Unlimited product configuration with augmented reality visualization.



Transform the in-store customer experience with 3D and AR.

Need Support for Your XR Integration?

We understand that extended reality (XR) is a new technology and can be difficult to integrate into pre-existing systems. That’s why we offer a range of services that deliver successful projects to bridge the physical and digital world.

3D Modeling & Renderings

When planning your next VR, AR or MR app, you must focus on developing 3D models that realistically represent your product in an appealing way.

XR Customizations & White Labels

XR is ready to shape the future of work. From custom to white label XR, our service team helps your XR vision come to life.

Metaverse & Web 3.0

Future-proof your organization with the future of work technologies. The current state of the web is rapidly evolving into Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

ICT Infrastructure

Business leaders must focus on solid ICT infrastructure to support their XR strategies. Having the right ICT infrastructure is critical for the metaverse and the future of work.


Create beautiful and efficient customer experiences with future-proof kiosks: from POS and biometrics, to augmented reality and virtual reality.

Powerful XR solutions across industries

We help organizations in any industry to transform their workflows and processes with extended reality (XR) technologies to increase sales, efficiencies, reduce costs or simply improve the way they work.

Machinery Manufacturing

Optimize processes, foster collaboration, and drive sales with VR and AR technologies.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Transform processes with VR, AR and MR in the AEC industry.


VR and AR are transforming workflows and processes in the automotive industry.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are disrupting the naval and shipbuilding industry.


Unique and immersive shopping experiences through VR and AR technologies.


Enhancing the consumer brand experience with VR and AR technologies.

Public Sector

AR and VR are disrupting governments relationships with citizens and public services.


Strengthened learning and development (L&D) processes via XR technologies.

Healthcare & Pharma

Immersive technologies improve patients' quality of life and medical knowledge.

New to Vection Technologies?

Vection Technologies is a growing enterprise-focused company that helps businesses bridge the physical and digital worlds. We help organizations leverage their 3D data via powerful extended reality (XR) interfaces that foster collaboration and learning, grow sales and more.

Vection Technologies is global company, with locations and employees around the world. We have offices in Australia, the U.S., Italy, India, and Abu Dhabi.

Virtual reality (VR) refers to computer-simulated 3D environments. Virtual reality immerses a user within a virtual world, which is a three-dimensional digital experience. Instead of interacting with a computer screen, users are immersed in the virtual environment and interact with it. VR is an emerging industry where software companies are developing new and exciting VR apps to solve real-world challenges.

Augmented reality (AR) refers to an interactive experience where digital information is superimposed in the real-life environment. Augmented reality is already available in everyday smartphone apps, from filters and lenses to navigation and traffic. This technology is used today for ecommerce, military, football games and many more applications.

Mixed reality (MR) refers to the combination of physical and digital worlds, where the users can interact with the digital elements without the requirement of screen interfaces. It is a powerful technology that enables natural and intuitive interactions between users, computers, and the real-world environment.

Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term that encompasses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). In simple terms, XR is used to describe immersive technologies that can blend the physical and the digital worlds.

INTEGRATEDXR refers to the combination of Vection Technologies’ immersive solutions and services, that enable organizations to bridge the physical and virtual worlds. From virtual reality and augmented reality to mixed reality, Vection Technologies develops virtual applications that solve the challenges faced by business every day.

A virtual world is a computer-generated environment, where users can navigate, communicate, and interact with the three-dimensional space around them. To interact with this virtual world, users can use traditional computer screens, limiting the sensorial experience, or virtual reality headsets, that enable a fully immersive virtual experience.

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