In the near future, how we work will change dramatically. For example, the transition to remote work, reinforced since the COVID-19 pandemic, the movement toward hybrid workplaces, and the introduction of immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, will allow us to conduct business and sales from anywhere. Thanks to VR technologies, we'll be able to meet with clients, sell products, deliver remote sales presentations, and collaborate with coworkers in a metaverse that feels reals enough to make us forget we're not actually all in the same room but other places like offices, dining rooms, or coworking buildings. In this blog post, we'll explore the future of work and address the events we expect to see in the future. In addition, we'll discuss the role of remote sales in this future and how remote and hybrid workers can take advantage of this trend. Also, we analyze the role of virtual reality in remote sales. Are you ready then for the future of work?

The Future of Work: What Should We Expect?

According to McKinsey, the world is constantly changing. Concerning the workplace and its connection with technology, this organization explains that "artificial intelligence and automation will make this shift as significant as the mechanization in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing."  

In addition, it's essential to consider how COVID-19 accelerated existing trends and caused organizations to reevaluate aspects of the workplace. This is where the discussion on the future of work, workforce, and workplace is located.  

The future of work can be perceived as a trend toward a more inclusive and diverse workplace founded on equity leadership.  

Technologies have allowed business owners, human resources experts, executives, recruiters, and employees to imagine a hybrid workplace in which corporative cultures are sustained on significant values, such as cooperation, collaboration, empathy, and communication.  

Therefore, remote sales in a hybrid workplace, reinvented by immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, will take place globally. Therefore, we should expect this for the future of work and remote sales for remote and hybrid workers.

What Will Be the Role of Remote Sales in the Future of Work?

Sales representatives have long used face-to-face meetings as the primary means of interacting with potential customers. However, technological advances have increasingly allowed sales representatives to connect with customers remotely.  

Remote sales, also known as distance selling or e-selling, is the process of selling products or services online without the need for direct contact between the customer and the sales representatives. This type of selling can be conducted through various means, such as online chat, video conferencing, email, and even over the phone.  


Remote sales will play an essential part in the future of work. Everlyn Lee asserts that, since 2020, "Remote work was becoming more mainstream even before the virus was unleashed, but its adoption has accelerated across industries and job functions—including sales."  

In fact, virtual workplaces have aided in the safety and health of employees and consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, job postings focused on remote sales increased since 2020, indicating how crucial sales mediated by technology are for businesses.  

Remote work and sales are here to stay, even with the recent adoption of hybrid work models and immersive technologies like virtual reality, which will prevail in the future of work and the post-pandemic industries. This trend will manifest in how remote sales presentations' content for hybrid work will be perceived and designed.  

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How Can Remote and Hybrid Workers Take Advantage of the Future of Work?

The future of work is an exciting time for those willing to embrace new technology. One of the most promising advancements is VR technologies, which have the potential to revolutionize how we work and interact.  

Virtual reality can provide a new way to connect with colleagues and customers for remote and hybrid workers. For example, imagine being able to give a sales presentation from anywhere in the world or attend a virtual meeting where you can actually see and hear your coworkers.  


In addition, the Metaverse, a virtual world that people can visit and interact with, will provide you with a new way to socialize and network without physically having to be in the same room.  

The future of work is an exciting time for those willing to embrace new technology. With VR technologies and the Metaverse, the sky is the limit.

Remote Sales Best Practices for Remote and Hybrid Workers in the Future of Work

In today's ever-changing business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. That's why we've put together a list of five remote sales best practices to help you close more deals and build better relationships with your clients.  

Use virtual reality. By using VR technologies, you can give your clients a realistic experience of your products or services without meeting in person. This is especially useful for sales presentations or demonstrations.  

Vection Technologies is transforming sales processes toward a remote sales model through 3D and virtual reality. Undoubtedly, 3D and VR technologies allow you to create engaging, life-size presentations of products from anywhere and anytime. By partnering with Vection Technologies, you can reduce logistical costs from communicating and accelerate decision-making.  

Also, 3DFrame for Webex allows brings your remote sales presentations to life, engaging participants in virtual environments. The integration of 3DFrame to Webex meetings responds to the emergence of current hybrid work models that require virtual meetings oriented to sales with inclusion, diversity, and participation.  

Don't overestimate the metaverse. The metaverse can be perceived as a virtual world providing numerous connection opportunities. It's a great way to build relationships with clients and prospects and close deals remotely.  

For instance, Vection Technologies' 3DFrame expands Webex meetings into the metaverse, allowing users to engage with meeting participants. This entails bringing content to life, according to Alessandro Nones.  

Offer hybrid work options for delivering remote sales presentations. Hybrid work is becoming more popular, and offering in-person and remote work options to your clients is essential. This way, they can choose what works best for them and their schedule.  

Utilize remote sales tools. There are several significant sales tools that can be used remotely, such as CRM software, proposal software, and contract management software.  

These tools will help you keep track of your clients and prospects and manage your sales process from start to finish.  

Stay connected with your clients. Even if you're not meeting in person, staying connected with your clients through phone calls, video calls, emails, and text messages are essential.  

This will help you build solid relationships and keep them engaged with your brand.


In the future of work, we can expect to see more remote sales positions for remote workers located remotely or working in a hybrid setup. This will allow companies to take advantage of the best of both worlds by having employees working from home and on-site. You can be prepared for transformation in the workplace by considering technologies seriously.  

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