Vection Technologies is a technology company specializing in INTEGRATEDXR™ solutions and consulting services to support enterprises’ digital transformation across industries and geographies. Vection Technologies Ltd is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:VR1) and is headquartered in Australia, with global presence in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and America.


Thanks to a strong vertical expertise and proprietary INTEGRATEDXR™ solutions, Vection Technologies supports the most complex digital transformation projects to create long-term customer value. A unique methodology and skillset support businesses’ evolution towards Industry 4.0 and the metaverse to come.


Our INTEGRATEDXR™ vision makes us the one ideal partner to guarantee long term success for our customers’ production processes, across industries and geographies. From digital communication technologies and computing to virtual and augmented reality, we create enterprise solutions that support the Design, Production and Sales processes up to After-Sales, reducing costs and increasing production efficiency to improve time-to-market.


Meaningful investments in R&D continue to allow us to evolve our proprietary INTEGRATEDXR™ solutions, from ICT and IoT to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, maintaining a strong competitive advantage for our enterprise customers embracing the digital transformation agenda, in anticipation of the metaverse to come.