TrainerCreator is the innovative proprietary platform for INTEGRATEDXR™ enabling the creation of 3D presentations based on holograms.

At Expo Dubai, visitors could experience the assembly and functioning of FSAE vehicles in a brand new way. 

TrainerCreator, an innovative INTEGRATEDXR™ platform, enabled an unprecedented experience lead by Vection Technologies and Muner – Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna – at Expo Dubai 2020. Here, visitors were able to assemble and experience a racing car or motorcycle in Augmented Reality: they wore last generation AR Hololens headsets and were guided by an expert speaker inside a virtual space where they learned how to construct a FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) racing car with a fully electric or hybrid powertrain or an electric racing motorcycle.

Muner is the Italian Excellence for education and innovation in automotive and sustainable mobility, located at the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, the region where the great Ferrari, Lamborghini & Ducati brands take their origins.

During this unique “Learning by doing” experience held in Dubai, visitors were able to appreciate the main differences between the architectures, understand how they work and touch the energy flow generated by the engine.

At the same time, hundreds of people could live a similar experience all over the world, thanks to Virtual Reality solutions: through their PC, people who were attending Expo event remotely could listen to the speaker’s explication and see the cars and motorcycle assembly and functioning processes, with immersive high-resolution graphics.

The experience took place in three phases. First, a presentation of the vehicle’s  structure, simulating its assembly phases and explaining different constructive and technical choices. Second, a complete simulation of the energy flow, following it from the source to the road. Last, a representation of the NVH behavior of the vehicles in a true state-of-the-art anechoic chamber, following the graphs produced during tests previously conducted in Ferrara and comparing alternative design choices.

All of these presentations were based on TrainerCreator, Vection’s innovative INTEGRATEDXR™ proprietary software platform that enables the creation of 3D simulations and animations through holograms.

Thanks to INTEGRATEDXR™ technologies, Muner could solve a huge practical problem: it was not allowed to bring real vehicles to the Expo (it would have been impossible to transport them anyway), so a 100% virtual version was the ideal solution to show their structure without losing effectiveness, indeed offering visitors something new and unique.

TrainerCreator is a multi-device, extremely flexible and versatile solution that enables the creation multi-player simulation experiences. In the last years, this INTEGRATEDXR™ platform has shown its great potential in various applications across different sectors: it has already been used in the mechanical and transportation field, for prototyping, assembly, maintenance or training purposes, as it allows to enhance reality and make operations simpler.

For example, a maintenance technician who has to repair a facility can see construction and functioning schemes superimposed on the part he is working on, to see how it works and what has to be fixed faster and with greater precision. But its potential future applications are countless: from instruction manuals for ready-to-assemble furniture companies to operations guide for any kind of device, anything that can have a sequential step-by-step representation is suitable to benefit from this kind of technology. Not to mention the education sector: schools and universities can benefit from Integrated XR™ in an infinite number of ways. Just think of the possibility of preparing multimedia-rich lessons that allows learners to see visual information and 3D Holograms layered on the top of their real-world surroundings, or training sessions based on Augmented Reality for medicine or engineering students.

With TrainerCreator, virtual prototyping and product dematerialization concepts become real, and the Metaverse can really enter B2C market, training, education, and a variety of other sectors. Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality can enhance the interaction with the real world, multiplying possibilities.