Vection Technologies and Alma Virtual Lab, when language learning meets INTEGRATEDXR™ technologies

Vection Technologies and Alma Virtual Lab join forces to revolutionize language learning: INTEGRATEDXR™ technologies enter new teaching methods making the study of a foreign language more immersive, engaging, effective.

Alma Virtual Lab, a startup part of Swans Tech group, is one of the first Italian companies to create its own platform dedicated to Immersion Language Learning, using innovative applications designed by Vection.

Teachers and students can interact using Virtual, Extended and Mixed Reality technologies and learning following innovative paths, interactive experiences that bring learning closer to gaming dynamics. Studying a foreign language becomes thus fun and takes place by immersion, spontaneously.

The application of Virtual Reality to normal language teaching methods is one of the main innovations that can be observed within the logic of global Technological Innovation.

It has been demonstrated that the companies and organizations employing new technologies connected devices obtain better and greater results with a much reduced but enhanced teaching timeframe, from various points of view.

The fundamental pillars of this innovative mechanism of interaction between user and teacher are a totally immersive experience and the generation of high quality feedback in the final analysis of learning processes.

Virtual Reality, in particular, is currently demonstrating its greatest strength in restoring, updating, those communication and training criteria that in the past didn’t combine perfectly.

The intersection promoted by this technology is the basis of the global market of tomorrow.

In the next future, Virtual Reality will become a part of people’s day-to-day lives. The training and language teaching sector makes no exception, as demonstrated by many companies that are increasingly investing in Virtual, Extended and Mixed Reality technologies. Vection Technologies meets this demand with a wide range of INTEGRATEDXR™ solutions.