Vection and Simbiosi, together to innovate marketing and sales through INTEGRATEDXR™

Vection Technologies and Simbiosi Group signed an agreement to explore the new frontiers to Virtual Reality to support companies expecially in marketing and sales areas. The goal is to create value through the use of advanced technologies and applications within a digital innovation frame.

Simbiosi is a communication agency projected towards the future, made up of great professionals working in the digital and graphic-creative field. With Vection as a technological partner, the company is now able to develop highly innovative services aimed at the most specific objectives regarding commercial results, perception and visibility.

How Virtual Reality changes marketing and sales

Virtual Reality and its applications can help people in countless ways. One of the most interesting application regards virtual representations of real environments in which we live. In this context, Vection has developed an application for Simbiosi and for its customer Sunroom, a leading company in the design of solutions for winter gardens, conservatories and bioclimatic pergolas. Vection’s tool gives people the opportunity to see, touch and virtually interact with the project of a pergola in their own domestic context.

When you decide to renovate your house, you need to figure out how the final result will look in the most precise way. In Sunroom VR app, actual and Virtual Reality interact to inspire customers and encourage them to purchase a pergola, seeing its impact on the aesthetics and functionality of the house

Wearing a Virtual headest, the customer can live an interactive and realistic experience, looking at every detail of the structure in real time. This app not only allows to see how different models of pergolas like, but also lets them evaluate different colors and materials, test the roof closing mechanisms, interact with the glass walls different opening systems. Customers can also select a specific time of day and geographical orientation to see how the Sunroom systems interact with the sunlight during the different hours. Sunroom VR creates a real virtual showroom, allowing people to verify the quality, technology and design of the services offered.

All this without any connection to a PC, all you need is an internet connection. Virtual Reality is entering the daily life of people, orientating their choices. Vection Technologies plays a leading role in this challenge.