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Vection and Muner, together to innovate Learning by Doing and Interactive experiences with INTEGRATEDXR™

At Expo Dubai 2020 visitors could experience a racing car and motorcycle assembly and functioning in INTEGRATEDXR™. Vection Technologies and Muner – Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna – join forces in the field of Learning by Doing and Interactive Innovation, revolutioning it thanks to INTEGRATEDXR™, in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. At Expo Dubai 2020,

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Vection Technologies to showcase latest XR technology solutions at International Future Mining Conference 2021

Vection Technologies’ latest XR technology solutions showcased at International Future Mining Conference 2021 Innovative, immersive and sustainable solutions to support training applications and complex industrial processes in the Mining sector. Vection Technologies presented its latest range of innovative solutions for the Mining industry at the last International Future Mining Conference, held between 6-10 December 2021

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